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Muhammad Mohibbullah (Mohib) is a Entrepreneur and Founder at Like Populars and Multinational Agency, a nationally recognized Branding firm.

Embark on a captivating journey through the digital landscape with Muhammad Mohibbullah, affectionately known as Mohib. An Entrepreneur and Founder at Like Populars and Multinational Agency, he stands as a visionary in the realm of creativity and branding. As the driving force behind these ventures, Mohibbullah has become a nationally recognized figure, steering the course of Like Populars into the world of trends and social engagement, and leading Multinational Agency as a powerhouse in the branding industry.

At the core of his digital universe is mohibbullah.com, a personal website that not only showcases his portfolio and achievements but provides a holistic view of the man behind the creative endeavors.

Connect with Mohibbullah across various social media platforms under the username @MohibbullahENTP. From engaging discussions on Facebook to visual snippets of his creative journey on Instagram, quick updates on Twitter, and professional insights on LinkedIn, his online presence is an open invitation to dialogue and connection.

Explore the visual feast of Mohibbullah’s design prowess on platforms like Dribbble, Behance, and Pinterest, where each project is a testament to his creative vision and aesthetic sensibilities.

Immerse yourself in the dynamic side of Mohibbullah through his multimedia endeavors. From engaging TikToks on TikTok to thought-provoking videos on YouTube and a showcase of visual stories on Vimeo, he seamlessly combines various mediums to express his creativity.

For coding enthusiasts, Mohibbullah’s GitHub repository unveils a trove of projects and contributions, showcasing his skills in the realm of development.

Explore the visual stories crafted by Mohibbullah on Unplaush, where his images capture moments in pixels, telling tales that transcend words.

Journey into the depths of Mohibbullah’s thoughts through his articles on Medium, where he shares insights into design, business, and lifestyle. Muhammad Mohibbullah’s digital presence is an inspiring invitation to explore the dynamic intersections of creativity, business acumen, and personal expression in the digital age.